The Amazing Geebo is a competent magician who adjusts to the audience comfortable with any age group, he is sure to please. For schools and libraries we have a Black History program called Black Magic, but don't let the title startle you, this is merely a program giving the history of Black Magicians in America beginning with pioneers such as Richard Potter,  Fetaque Saunders, and Black Herman on to contemporaries such as Frank Brents,Chris Capehart, Kendrick "Ice" McDonald, and Goldfinger and Dove to name a few. This show may be augmented to include other ethnicities if you are celebrating a multicultural event.

Illusions or sleights if That's what you like,

a bit of a comic so pass me the mic,

but not a comedian, more of a clown 

wearing a smile and never a frown.

so give me a call and we'll make a date

while all your friends say, "that guy was great.".