​"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

                                         - Arthur C. Clarke

Magic STEMS from creative minds, 

Study the art and you will find. 

Common threads along the path, 

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.

Add some Art and you've created STEAM, 

power and fuel for those who dream. 

Each ingredient is consequential

for realizing your potential. 

Imagination excites illusion, 

but it is certain and without confusion,

That these are not any special powers,

But skills that are practiced for hours and hours.

Aided by Science and its peers, 

innovatively using gadgets and gears.

The magician performs with purpose and cause, 

then bows to a room that is filled with applause.

Amazing, Astounding, how is this done, 

Live and in person he's duped everyone.

This is impossible, no one believes

What there eyes have all seen yet some perceive,

There's trickery at play, but how is the cry, 

Can you keep a secret, well so can I.

Professor G and The STEAM Machine.

All magic can be explained by Science and Mathematics, This show is designed to provoke thought and challenge the intellect. As opposed to traditional magic shows the audience is encouraged to form hypotheses on how things are done. It is a very entertaining but at the same time educational show in harmony with the STEM or STEAM curriculum.