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Rookies - Our less experienced clowns are trained by the best. Of course they are limited skill-wise but are still taught to entertain with balloons, games and simple facepaint. Younger children do not expect as much and would be thrilled to have one at your next show. Budget friendly at $135 for the 1st hr. and $50 for each additional 1/2 hr.

Veterans - Our more experienced clowns have done this for a number  years and are prepared for any situation. Seasoned over time they are right at home with the most energetic group. Each clown specializes  and excels in at least one area , be it  facepainting, twisting, juggling or magic $150 for 1hr. $50 for each additional 1/2 hr. .

Geebo The Clown a.k.a. El Payaso Loco, founder of Parties, Pets and Pals is the best that we have to offer. A bonifide Magician, Snake Wrangler, Professional Facepainter, Juggler and Clown all rolled up into one. {That's why the shoes are so big, there's a lot of talent in those feet.) As he surveys the audience he will decide what is age appropriate and digs deep into his trunk of mystery for something that is sure to wow the crowd. From Preschool to the Promenade, no stage too small or large . $200 for the 1st hr. $60 for each 1/2 hr.


Rookies - These again are our least experienced, but should not be frowned upon they have simply not put in enough hours the graduate to veteran status. Simple cheek art at a fair price. $85/hr.

Veterans - True professionals with great artistic ability. Full face, Cheek art, Body art, its your choice. Able to replicate just about anything photos, drawings or ideas from your own imagination. 100/hr., 2 hr. minimum.


Stage, close up or strolling maybe a combination of all three. Greg G. is amazing and a performing member of the world famous Magic Caste in Hollywood Ca, Young and old alike are astounded by what there eyes will see and there minds will try to comprehend, That's impossible isn't it? Is what everyone asks themselves, Don't blink, this guys good.$250 for the 1st hr,, $200 for each additional hr.


Brings the Safari to you, not limited to reptiles or a petting zoo. You get Snakes, Lizards, Tarantulas, Birds, Chicks, Ducks, Sulcata Tortoises, Chinchillas, Hedgehogs, Sugargliders, and the list goes on. $250 for the 1st hr. $100 for each additional 1/2 hr. (will allow time for magic,)